This is list of projects I am, or have been involved in.

Pure Java projects

Shopping articles full text index (2007, 2008): Indexing engine for products catalogs aggregated from different sources (SAP RFC, BMECat files) on top of Apache Lucene, Quartz Scheduler and Spring Framework.

Java Web Applications on SAP Enterprise Portal

Corporate shopping portal (2007, 2008):  Front end for searching, and ordering from indexed articles (from abovementioned fulltext index) done via Web Dynpros and JSPs, order transfers to backend systems via OCI interface. Lots of RFC communication and complex ordering bussines process.

Java Web Applications on Apache Cocoon

Company intranet (2006, 2007): Customization of Daisy CMS with single sign on.

Hockey club web site (2005, 2006): Content was periodically aggregated from various (even non-structured) sources, and exported as static site.

Multimedia content translation support (2004, 2005): Web application that enabled users (translators) to prepare layout of slides (text boxes, graphical elements) based on resources of old multimedia application. Interface was SVG-based. Gathered data was then used to produce new resources for updated version.

Documentation CD (2003, 2004, 2005): Free text (overview) from Word was transformed via XSLT transformations into hierarchy, and extended with context-sensitive hyperlinks to hundreds of documents contained on CD.

ABAP Development

Basis – Data safety (2007, 2008): Modification of transaction SE16 that does filtering of results based on user’s authorization field’s values. Configuration is dynamic via rules defined in customizing tables.

Basis – Usage Log (2007, 2008): Monitoring usage of custom development by different customers using same system landscape.

Plant Maintenance – Cable registry (2007, 2008): Maintaing cable paths in a plant. Cable is represented by functional location, it’s bill of material, object connections and classification data of all these objects. All these data are handled transparently via model layer classes.

Plant Maintenance – Technical supervision (2006, 2007): Functional location classification data and DMS document data are aggregated to form data for documentation of potentially dangerous equipment in a plant. These data also serve as basis for planning technical inspections on this equipment, which is also possible from withing the application. For structured equipment (as pipelines) the application allows planning of inspections and maintenance based on previous results in an ALV grid, and export those data to Excel via Office Integration.

Basis – Dump analysis (2005, 2006): Application collects dumps from large system landscape, collects them into individual problems and sends information to relevant support groups about problem.