Google Desktop shortcuts

I've been having quite a trouble with Google Desktop binding all sorts of keyboard shortcuts that interfere with my work. Most annoying was with its binding of Win+Space, that collides with my Launchy hotkey. I solved this by tuning the startup order of applications, but it wasn't pretty. Today I found new hope. According to this post, shortcuts can be configured via registry:

In „HKEY_CURRENT_U­SER\Software\Go­ogle\Google Desktop\Prefe­rences“

create a DWORD value named „hot_key_flags“.

Setting this value to:

  • „0“ disables both Ctrl-Alt-G and Windows-G
  • „1“ disables Windows-G, but leaves Ctrl-Alt-G enabled
  • „2“ disables Ctrl-Alt-G, but leaves Windows-G enabled
  • Removing the key or setting the value to „3“ or higher will enable both keys.

This solved my problem with AltGr+G, later I will try if it also helped launchy.