Setting up Acer Aspire One

I recently got this cutie from Acer. It's purpose is to be my wife's browsing machine. For that I had to modify some things:

  1. Install Skype
  2. Install Pidgin
  3. Upgrade to Firefox 3
  4. Instal mscorefonts
  5. Video player with subtitle support

„Advanced Mode“

First thing to do is to enable Xfce menu a. k. a. advanced mode.


This one was fairly easy, just matter of adding skype repository to the package manager, as described on :

First you must install the Skype repository. Open a terminal and type:

$ sudo nano /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo In that file copy the following lines:

name=Skype Repository

Now you can easily install skype by typing:

$ sudo yum --enablerepo=skype install skype

At any time you can search for updates like that:

$ sudo yum --enablerepo=skype update skype

If you are asked if it is ok to import the GPG signature just type y and press Enter.


If you want to use ICQ on your aspire one, you will need recent version of Pidgin. Acer's IM has some dependencies on same libraries that pidgin uses, so installing is not so straightforward, however, there is this forum post.

  1. remeove the OLD libpurple plugin
    1. In package manager, go to List tab (a popup window should appear to read the software info), and type libpurple
    2. once found, then unselect it (a red dahs will appear at the left); then click apply.
  2. install pidgin 2.4.3
    1. go back to Browse tab (it was only this way it worked for me)
    2. click application in the left window, then go to graphical internet applications
    3. click on optional packages
    4. select pigdin and pidgin-libnotify
    5. then click close
    6. then click apply

If I remember well, I had to install libpurple by hand (though there was a dependency) as well. Pidgin just wouldn't start without it.


Now the harder part: If you want your firefox to be installed the proper way (via yum), you should add remi repository :

rpm -Uvh remi-release-8.rpm

Following many Fedora 8 howto's you try to yum upgrade firefox , but nothing happens. This is because installed firefox is not a „Fedora firefox“, instead an „Acer firefox“. You cannot do yum remove firefox as this would uninstall half of the desktop environment, as it relies on firefox. What you can do, though is:

rpm -e --nodeps firefox
yum install firefox

The first one will forcibly remove the old one, without uninstalling packages that depend on it, and yum will install package with highest version available, which is firefox 3 in this case.

Microsoft Core Web Fonts

WHen you start using your freshly installed browser, you may notice, that some of the sites doesn't look quite right (e. g. including That's because they rely on some of the windows font's. Their linux package is called msttcorefonts, but is not available in Fedora 8. You either need to build it or use package from over here (not tested, I was just looking for the previous link).

Video player

For proper playback of DivX files, and subtitles, included Video Master application is not enough. I installed gnome-mplayer from livna repository. The bad thing is that upgrading mplayer breaks the Video Master, so it's good to replace it in the desktop menu as well.

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Z Ji
August 27th, 2008 01:40

Good instruction! But in my ASO, I have to use „yum install firefox –enable remi“. Otherwise yum keeps to check Linpus's repository which only has firefox

August 30th, 2008 16:45

[…] Duditš describes how to install Skype, Pidgin, FF3, mscorefonts […]

Jean-Jacques Golay
September 11th, 2008 17:11

Thank you for your description. I have installed Skype with your procedure and everything went OK.
However now I am unable to locate Skype to run it on my Acer One
What should I do to execute it?
Many Thanks

JJ Golay Geneva/Switzerland

Patrik Duditš
September 11th, 2008 17:26

JJ: Easiest is to run via Alt+F2, command name is skype

You can also lookup information on how to modify the desktop menu – its matter of modifying single xml file, but I don't have Aspire One at hand at the moment to instruct you further (my wife like it too much to let me play with it ;)

[…] Patrik Duditš » Blog Archive » Setting up Acer Aspire One (tags: skype pidgin linux firefox aspireone acer) […]

Jorge Limon
October 7th, 2008 06:24

I'm trying to setup Skype in my Aspire One with your procedure, but I get a „GPG key parsing failed: No key found in given key data“ error message. What do you think is happening? What should I do?

Patrik Duditš
October 7th, 2008 08:45

Jorge: Looks like skype the gpg key is gone. Just replace 1 with 0 for gpgcheck in /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo. If that doesn't help, you may need to download the rpm from…pe-linux-fc7 and install it manualy, e. g. via yum localinstall <rpmfile>

Jorge Limon
October 8th, 2008 02:14

Hi Patrik,
I set gpgcheck=0 in /etc/yum.repos­.d/skype.repo and tried again installing Skype, and it worked like a charm. In minutes I had Skype up and running.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your assistance.

October 27th, 2008 13:19

hi Patrik,

I install succesfully pidgin.
But default instant messaging system does not work any more.

How to fix it ?

October 27th, 2008 13:29

mpierrat25: Why would you like to fix it? Pidgin can work with any IM protocol you might need…

If you're missing an option to launch it directly from desktop, please follow this thread about modifying the icons:…iewtopic.php?…

January 2nd, 2009 13:48

Hi, Great job you are doing for us nincanputs!! See is you can help! I have 2 acers one a 150 and 110 and in both the internal mic DON'T work with Limpus !! but I installed Windows XP aon the 150.. Bingo no problem.. Why the mics on this machine never seem to work?
Your help would be much appreceiated. Yours truly

March 24th, 2009 01:06

hi guys,
i've tried the above steps to install skype, but i have the following error message
„error getting resipository data for skype not found“

anyone can help me?>

March 24th, 2009 03:35

neacail: well, you can still install from rpm locally, see my comment from Oct 7th.

April 26th, 2009 07:05

Well, I have installed skype for my aao but the problem is that I can´t open it.When I look for it I find it in the file system, but I don´t know how to open it. I would also like to have it in my desktop so sa to be easier for me to use it.What should I do? I know hardly anything about this things.Thanks in advance

April 26th, 2009 09:35

Miren: I'm not sure what you mean. If you installed it successfully, you should be able to run it via Alt+F2, and typing in skype. Concerning adding item to desktop see link in october's comment, it's matter of modyfying xml file.

By the way, since january my wife's AAO doesn't have Linpus installed anymore, it uses linux4one href=„http://­www.linux4one­.it/“ rel=„nofollow“>http:/­/www.linux4one­.it/. Though it's not as fast to boot as Linpus, and sometimes have issues with flash sound, it is standard ubuntu, which is much easier for me to maintain, and ubuntu launcher is just beautiful, and all packages one needs are in standard package manager.

April 26th, 2009 10:01

Thanks very much for answering so fast! I can understand that you don´t understand very well what I said.To start with I´m spanish and English is not my mother tongue and at the same time computers are not my friends.I´ll try what you said. I have to say that I´m not confident at all about this! Thanks again for your time and kindness.

April 26th, 2009 10:48

I have done as you said and now I can use skype. Now I have to look for my friends.Thanks very much for everything.

September 30th, 2009 07:54

Thank you for the installation help.
I have a new problem with the yum command that doesn't seem to work anymore, with recurrent checksum error. Even after yum clean all and also manually mv /var/cache/yum/* /tmp.
Well I would like to know if some of you already experienced this and solved it.

September 30th, 2009 09:14

Sorry, not me :(

July 16th, 2012 15:43

cum ma logez la messenger