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The network disk drive has stopped responding. Backup set aborted.

You tried to do Exchange Information Store backup onto a Samba share. It failed, because you didn't have enough disk space. You engage ‚Replace‘ instead of ‚Append‘ as you intended in the first place. And NTBackup fails with this error message, right after first information store log file. You fiddle three hours with Samba settings, shutdown all bridged virtual machines on server hosting the share, and finally you close the f*cking NTBackup window and start it over… and suddenly you can go to sleep :) Thanks to experts-exchange. Did you notice they no longer ROT13 the solution, instead, plain text is situated some 7 pages below? Just read the problem description and press End… ;) Or update your greasemonkey script.

Samba DFS link refers to a location that is unavailable.

If you ‚promoted‘ a Samba share to DFS root, a try to access the DFS link right after the change, you may receive rather long and useless error message from explorer, that starts with <location> refers to a location that is unavailable. This is all just a result of your impatience. Log off, log on and try again!