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IIS Metabase and restore

I’m starting to get tired, but the moral of several days of Uninstall IIS – Reinstall Exchange – Install IIS cycle, which ended up in rebuilding the machine anyway is:

Always make backup of IIS configuration via IIS manager before restoring from backup! Your RSA MachineKey will likely get overwritten, or your configuration will be overwritten by one with different digital signature. And you never get out of this cycle..

Logical Disk Management cannot perform requested operation

Well, in next lesson we continue from the place we ended in last lesson. When you want to convert a disk from Basic to Dynamic, you usually visit Disk Management snap-in diskmgmt.msc, right-click on a disk label and select Convert to Dynamic.

This didn’t work for me. I clicked this item and nothing happened. I though “Maybe the system volume cannot be converted online,” and booted into PE environment and tried there. Same result. I launched DISKPART from command line and tried CONVERT TO DYNAMIC. The response was very similar to this post’s title.

Few hours and many read forum posts later I’m decided to give up and I start closing all those open Firefox tabs. And suddenly I see small note in some TechNet article – “Conversion to Dynamic disk requires at least 1MB of unpartitioned space at the end of medium”. See, this is why Windows XP keeps last 8MB unpartitioned! Well, GParted doesn’t do that.

STOP error after System state recovery

Lesson one, worth 6 hours of googling. When you receive STOP 0x0000007B after System State Restore, the cause may be that the system disk was dynamic, and disk you restored to was basic. Recall the image, convert to dynamic, and try again!

Hello world!

3AM in the morning, sitting in a server room in the middle of SBS 2003 recovery. What a perfect time to start a blog! This server was failing on me since last weekend, malfunctioning in a different way each day. I learned much things during those nights, so I’ll put it here. And if I persist, I may even post something here tommorrow :)